Behaviour in the field 
BASC and The Association of Chief Police Officers promote and insist on safe and sensible behaviour by shooters in all disciplines. By acting on these points you will reassure shooters alike that you can be trusted with a shotgun: 
Advise the owner and/or tenant in good time when you intend to go shooting and check that it is convenient. 
Confirm with the owner what quarry you may shoot. 
Always respect the owners property, crops, livestock and fences and follow the country code. Open gates rather than climb them and close them after you. If you have to climb a closed gate, do it at the hinged end. 
Never break fences, walls, rails or hedges. Never walk through standing corn or allow your dog to do so. Keep your dog under control at all times and avoid disturbance to livestock. 
Never leave litter and wherever possible collect that left by others. 
Always treat a shotgun as though it were loaded and keep its barrel pointing in a safe direction. 
On picking up or being handed a shotgun, check immediately that it is not loaded i.e. that there is no cartridge in it and that the barrels are clear. 
Before you fire your shotgun, consider where the shot will go, allowing for possible ricochets. Do not fire at quarry unless you are sure that it is in range and ensure you know what is behind it. If you are not sure, DON’T SHOOT! 
Know your own limitations and those of your gun and shoot responsibly. If you are not reasonably sure of a humane kill, don’t shoot! Shooting at quarry is not competition. 
Be careful in cold and wet conditions which can lead to loss of feeling and difficulty in operating the safety catch and the trigger. 
Remember that all shooters will be judged by your actions and ensure that your conduct is always above reproach. Always try, whenever possible, to encourage the same attitude in your shooting companions and in any other shooter with whom you come into contact. 
Above all - be safe and sensible. 
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