The Shotgun 
Always ensure that your shotgun is in a safe condition and that the mechanism is properly adjusted. 
Hammer guns require particular care, such as carrying them unlocked, except when expecting a shot. 
Pump-action and self-loading shotguns, such as semi-automatic also require care, as it is more difficult to check their status (i.e: loaded or otherwise) than the standard single or double – barrelled shotgun. For added safety it is always good practice to store such guns with a breech flag in the chamber to indicate that it is empty and safe. 
Always clean and dry your shotgun after use. Never put a damp gun into a steel cabinet. 
If a fault develops, have it rectified before using the gun again. 
Never use a gun with badly dented or pitted barrels. Have your gun serviced regularly by a competent gunsmith. Again we can provide you with this service. 
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